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All funds are in Canadian dollars. 
Product Information, Returns & Refunds:

Sizing:  All sizes are approximate as these are handmade items.  There can be up to a 1 inch discrepancy either way.  Eg: 11 inches (10-12 inches).  We do our best to have our production team keep as accurate as possible but occasionally there is a small size difference.  

Colours:  Colours may be different then what you see on the website.  There is a broad spectrum from gold to molasses and everything in between.  We do our best to categorize the colours in their proper category.  
Safety:  Children should ALWAYS be supervised around all of our products at all times for reasons not limited to, but including choking.
Amber is a natural product with specks of dirt, air bubbles, insects and other unique qualities.  All pieces are shaped differently and even though some necklaces/bracelets may look the same from far away, they will look different when up close.  Like anything, if they are thrown or fall on a hard surface like tile, they have a greater tendency to break.

Safety Clasp: These are meant to give way when under pressure for safety, please do not pull on the clasp.  

Beads:  Amber has tiny little bubbles all through it which makes it very light but also easily breakable.  Please be careful with your amber.  

We recommend customers inspect their purchase before they leave the store or as soon as they receive it in the mail.  Due to the natural material of our products and the safety built in mechanisms, returns will be taken on a case by case basis.  All returns are done through the store where you purchased your amber.  Please contact your local store for their return policy and to determine how we can help you.

Sales Tax


Purchases in Canada are charged a Goods and Services Tax (GST) which is 5%.  This is for all purchases and shipping costs. Shipments to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, Ontario and New Brunswick are charged Harmonized Sales (HST) which is 13% on some (but not all) products.  In British Columbia HST is 12%.  You can view the taxes you have  been charged either by looking at your email invoice or by checking your account by logging on to our website.  


Customers in the U.S.A are not charged any Canadian taxes. You may be responsible for duties and taxes when your parcel enters into the U.S.A from Canada.  Brokerage fees are occasionally charged to the customer for clearing customs.  Typically gifts valued at less than $100.00 USD are not subject to duty and taxes but we can't guarantee what happens in customs.  

Please email me if you have any questions, I would be happy to help!! 


We ship from our Cambridge, Ontario location.  All orders are shipped within 24-72 business hours and are always shipped with a tracking number.  We cross reference the best price for you and use UPS, Purolator Courier and Canada Post.  We offer flat rate shipping fee's per Province, State.   If you have questions regarding shipping, please email [email protected] .  

Privacy Policy:

Your information is completely confidential within our team.  Our team includes our sales representatives Hip Mama Sales as well as our USA Distributor.  We ship from Cambridge, Ontario.  Your retailer contact information will be put on our retailer page for your customers to find you.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.